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Click here to view all of the commissions I have made in the last few years

Please email me at the above address if you would like to order a commission. You can email me a picture you would like me to make or can choose from a picture I have made previously which are on my Facebook page-

Price starts from £100 for a 8x6" picture up to £1000 for a 25x20"

Commissions are usually left unframed in their mount-boards due to excessive postage costs, but if you wish for your piece to be framed before you receive it, please state so in the email to discuss the extra costs of frame and postage, as I am lucky enough to have the service of a brilliant, quality framer.

Please note that large pieces that is framed will have to picked up or just mounted as Iv had quite a few breakages in the past though the courier. 



[email protected]