Josie Russell                                                Textile Artist

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My name is Josie Russell – I am a freelance textile artist available for commission, based in beautiful Gwynedd, North Wales. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to my homepage. Here you can find all the latest news, updates and information regarding my work.

I produce one-off pieces of work from second-hand and recycled materials. The “recycling” of other people's cast-offs into striking, unique artwork is my core ethic... I believe that finding a use for something which may otherwise have ended up in a landfill is worthwhile and rewarding, and is a small step to safeguarding the future of the environment.

The main basis for my creative work are the beautiful hills and countryside of North Wales, where I have been fortunate enough to live for most of my life. The ever-changing landscape is a constant source of ideas and inspiration.  

New artwork for sale in Harbour Gallery exhibition from the 12th April - 2nd May, I will be there on the first day from 2pm until 5pm. There will also be new greeting cards and tote bags available to purchase. For more information visit- or my facebook page.

Home About Me shop Gallery Commisions Events Guest Book Links

New greeting cards and bags for sale.

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